1, Laser chip die

The design and simulation, epitaxy of chip level is  co-operated  with partner in North America and Europe.Singulation/testing/screening has been proceeded.

2, Laser package

XESTON technical team is specialized in design, simulation,optimization of optical path, RF design,package service since foundation at 2004 by our proprietary technologies, We have full experience of chip die bonding,wire ball bonding,laser welding,performance testing,  burning, cycling.testing including S21/S11 parameter,optical spectrum, laser spectra line-width, Noise figure, SLED optical spectrum bandwidth, ripple, LIV have been done at our clean room.

Butterfly DFB laser module package design demo​

Chip die bonding

Wire ball bonding

Central wavelength Spectrum/SMSR   test data by OSA 

S21 test data for 9016 20GHz 1310nm Laser module

S11 test data for 9016 20GHZ 1310nm Laser module

S21 test data for XGT3010C-101 Photodetector

XESTON Facility

S22 test data for XGT3010C-101 detector

4, Integrated Multi-channel Photodetector

3,Telcordia 468 or MIL 883 compliant

High reliability,

High coupling, up to 85% coupling efficiency for 1310/1550nm Butterfly DFB laser module.

Wide operation temperature range:

standard industry operation temperature range:-20∽65C;

Extend wide operation temperature range: -55∽85C.

Smaller size , lower weight, fewer PIN,

High bandwith 18GHz,

Integrated  3channel InP photodetector  

Integrated  4channel InP photodetector

Integrated  6channel InP photodetector 

5, Integrated Laser/receiver Transceiver at single fiber in 14PIN Butterfly housing on 2009

Operation temperature range: -55  85C

6, Mission

Xeston focus on Butterfly photonics components, including 7/14PIN butterfly laser module (DML), photodetector, integrated multi-channel photodetector, and high power laser module (EML) .

The wavelength of laser modules ranges from 400nm to 2150nm, frequency form 5MHz to 30GHz, laser spectra line-width 10kHz to 1MHz,

Application has been used for Telecom/datacom, 5G wireless, RF/Microwave signals, Satellite communications, fiber sensor, gas monitoring, test instrument, medical,

For the greater success to our customers and partners , we will continuously   work on the high quality, low cost solutions, and the fastest delivery to customer demand.