XQF 935 series 20-40 mW 1550nm       CW Laser module

XQF 935 series 20-40 mW 1550nm CW Laser module



XQF935 series module is an MQW DFB laser module designed for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and CATV systemsor test instrument, packaged by 14 PIN butterfly housing and equipped with polarization maintaining (PM) fiber to facilitate coupling to the external modulator.    

The module is used as a wavelength selected source in combination with external LiNbO3-based Mach-Zehnde modulator in CATV HFC networks, especially for super trunking and distribution.  Selected wavelengths comply ITU Grid recommendations, both in range and in channel definition.

XQF935 shows high side mode suppression ratio(SMSR), very low relative intensity noise(RIN),and excellent narrow line width, super thermal stability.  


* 1550nm DWDM DFB Laser diode

* Up to 40mw high power output

* Polarization maintaining (PM) fiber

* Comply Bellcore 468 specifications

* Built-in Thermoelectric (TE) cooler

* Cooled built in free space optical isolator

* 1531.90-1566.31nm wavelength range

* 0.8nm (100GHz) spacing

* or Non-ITU wavelength for CATV


* EML with Lithium Niobate modulator,


* Microwave/RF photonics