1800 series  O/C band 20 GHz 10mW laser module

1800 series O/C band 20 GHz 10mW laser module



XGT1800 series module is a directly modulated O-band CWDMCoarse Wavelength Division Multiplexeror DWDM C-BAND MQW DFB laser, which is intended for use in the WDM transmission of broadband analog signals or Telecom/Datacom signalsfrequency even high up to 20GHz. The lasers built in optical  isolator,  TEC, thermistor, laser diode chip, and monitor photodiode are hermetically sealed in a 7PIN butterfly package.


MQW DFB Laser diode module

CWDM 20nm spacing 1270-1450nm or
DWDM C-band spacing 100GHZ,

Microwave DML Directly Modulated DFB Lasers

High bandwidth  up to 20GHz

RF SMP or GPO Connector ,180degree via fiber output

Smaller size, fewer weight, convenient to install and fix    

Wide operation temperature option

RF over fiber
Analog RF links transmission
Test and measurement

Electric schematics